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Introducing Training on Demand

Looking back over 3 years of data collected from members that cancelled their memberships we found a very significant trend.  The number one reason for cancelling was for lack of use.  When asked if they reached their fitness goals, the answer was overwhelmingly no.  When asked if they had a fitness program made in order to reach their goals, again, the answer was no.

So what was the issue?  We have very qualified trainers and training packages that have been available for years.  Oddly enough, a good number of these folks did take advantage of our complimentary fitness assessment and where introduced to our training options.  So, I asked my trainers what the most common objection they received for not getting help.  The answer: “All I want is a program and to be shown how to do it.  I don’t need someone to be with me when I’m working out”.  The second most common objection was not surprising; price.  It wasn’t that they didn’t see value in training, we just didn’t have an option that fit what they wanted and fit into their budget.

So, after a great deal of thought and consideration, Body Fit is proud to introduce the ultimate solution that will work for everyone.  We call it Training on Demand or T.O.D.  Training on Demand brings motivation, accountability and affordability to your fitness plan.  It gives you our most comprehensive assessment, program design and instruction with regular follow-up all built in so you won’t fall through the cracks and get left behind.  With options that include your membership dues or as an add on, we have all the bases covered!

For more details and pricing options, click here: Training on Demand


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