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Lisa – 6 Week Transformer

6 week results - poster 2014_Lisa PSD

My name is Lisa Gay, I am married with 4 kids. As I am nearing 50 I have found it more and more difficult to keep the weight off. I have always been a fairly active person and have always worked out in some way for many years. However, over the past couple of years I have put on weight despite my working out and fairly healthy eating habits. I joined this challenge to put me into high gear to lose the weight once and for all and learn how to keep it off moving forward. That’s the key here is keeping it off.

I really enjoyed my morning workouts with my group. I found Elaine, Lyn and our trainer Carole Anne to be a great source of support, inspiration and sounding board to complaints about the early morning time (which I actually prefer) or lack of a certain food (usually wine which I consider a food group). We had fun while working hard for our common goal and kept learning new things which kept it interesting. I’m surprised at the progress in the short period of time and while I’m not at my personal weight goal yet, I have been given the tools I feel that will help me achieve it.

I feel stronger than I have ever been and while I still can’t do more than 6 or 7 military style pushups, I am confident that as I continue on this new path I will achieve the 20 that was my personal goal.

Following the food plan wasn’t too difficult, in fact I found I was eating too much food! I did miss some things. Wine as I already mentioned but also things like avocado and a nice big glass of milk! I’ve discovered I actually enjoy and prefer just balsamic vinegar and lemon over any salad dressing and can’t see me changing back to anything else.

My job has me sitting at a desk all day so I know the importance of making sure to keep moving. I found the work outs we did kept me energized throughout the day which is why I preferred the early morning workouts. I didn’t get tired anymore at 3pm. I felt energized right until I got home and although I was ready for bed by 9pm I feel I got more accomplished throughout the day.

Thanks to Andy for putting together this program and allowing me the opportunity to be a part of it. Thanks to Carole Anne for being a great trainer and motivator and last but not least, thanks to Lyn and Elaine for being my partners in crime working together to achieve our goals. I look forward to seeing everyone around the gym.

With Warm regards and a Cheers!


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