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Michelle – 6 Week Transformer

I started this program the same way I start every weight-loss/exercise program – feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and desperately looking for a change. I finished the program exceeding my goal and comfortable with myself. Something that I have never obtained in such a short period of time.

Losing the weight was one thing but as I continued on in the program I felt myself getting stronger and stronger every week. Having Christina, my trainer, pushing me every week had me using heavier weights and seeing results faster than I ever have. I also made new gym friends to workout with on non-trainer days. That made working out more enjoyable and something to look forward to.

The diet was a big adjustment in the beginning but soon became second nature. I quickly got used to pre-planning and preparing my meals and it actually made life easier. There were times when I would want to eat what everyone else was having but I wasn’t going to blow all my hard work and time in the gym.

Being a wife and mother of two taking time for myself to prepare separate meals and to get my 5 workouts in each week wasn’t always easy. I had to make myself a priority and I made sure I didn’t miss a single workout or meal. In the end my family is happy for me. I believe I have taught my children that it is important to eat well, exercise and take care of your self.

I am so pleased with my results – the plan works if you stick to it! I look forward to participating in the next challenge and seeing my body transform even more 🙂

A big thanks to all the staff at Body Fit for offering such a great program and for cheering us all on along the way! To Christina, my trainer, you showed me just how strong I really am. To my teammates, I  proud of all of you and I thank you for making the last 6 weeks so much fun. And lastly, my family, your support and encouragement kept me “in the game” and I couldn’t have done it without you in my corner.


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