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Okay ladies, this is for you……By Jennifer Neveu

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while Breast Cancer research IS vitally important, cancer isn’t the only thing that we need to be vigilant with when it comes to “The girls”.  Let’s discuss a much overlooked but very important aspect here. The “stop-em-from-floppin” sports bras that are under utilized by most active women. Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re a B cup or a DD, those suckers are in the way if you want to run or jump. Believe me…..I know (my heritage is Swedish….say no more)  This isn’t about appearance. Not at all. This is about functional movement (or non movement in this case) and it’s also about comfort, posture and avoiding possible pain, both now and in the future. Poor fitting bras of any kind promote poor posture; shoulders rounding forward, backs hunch, neck and back pain ensues. But, exercising without a proper sports bra is even worse. It’s no wonder why so many women hate running!! It’s uncomfortable and awkward, embarrassing and dangerous……both to the woman and possible small woodland creatures who dare to tread close by! There is HELP!!!! But here is the caveat, ladies. Don’t expect an excellent fitting sports bra to make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model. These aren’t made to “lift and separate” and they may even create something of a “uni-boob”, but if properly fit, you will be a much happier fitness enthusiast. You will run, you will jump and you won’t need to hold on for dear life. Where should you purchase such an exquisite gift for yourself? At a specialty sports store…..not a generic department store. Go to where they can help you….running stores, athletic sports ware stores; and try on several….go into the change room and jump. Up and down. Hands beside you. If there is ANY doubt to the stability try another. And then try another after that. Find what works for YOU. You will be so much more confident knowing that you aren’t moving. Those girls are staying in place while you run and jump and burpee until your heart’s (or your instructor or trainer’s heart) is content!! Happy shopping!!! P.S…. Need some name brands? Come talk to me at the gym. Jennifer


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