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Protein Powders – What’s the Right One for You ? by C.A. Elliott

Most of you have heard about the benefits of Protein and why it’s SO important to have at every meal ! But due to busy schedules, sometimes a Protein Shake may be your best option to make sure you get your daily protein allotment. Several factors can determine what TYPE of protein is best for you:

1. Your Diet / Tolerance Level – i.e. – if you are lactose intolerant then you would want to steer away from Protein complex with Egg and Milk base (which many have) – a better choice would be Soy Protein Powder. If you don’t have lactose issues then read on ! 2. Your Activity Level – most protein powders are fine for everyday consumption. However Casein Powder is a heavier blend and is normally used when training or to have at night before bedtime for “muscle recovery” / keep you satiated during sleep. They also help with keeping your blood sugar stabilized throughout the day. Mixing with milk slows digestion as well. 3. Rule of Thumb: Active individuals should consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. I always go with 1 – 2 scoops of Powder per Shake. Each scoop should have 25 – 30 grams of protein PER SCOOP ! This is why you should really take the time to read the labels ! Some powders like the ones in Wal Mart etc. are sold in bulk and often you have to use scoops to get that much protein ! Take a look at the Nutrition Label below and you will see what I mean…grms of protein per scoop AND no Sugar !) Be careful with sugar content when choosing Protein Powders. Quality sources of protein other than protein powders include, fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, eggs and low fat dairy. 4.Taste – there are so many different types / flavors that once you narrow down to a few good ones (which I will attempt to do!) then flavor is the next challenge ! I have Chocolate, Banana Creme and Vanilla always around because I like to change up the taste and get bored with the same one all the time. 5.”Mix” – When you are making a shake you can use water, milk or juice as the base. (I stay away from Juice because of the Sugar content and usually only have it once a week (Sat.) as a treat ! What I really LOVE is Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk. It comes in Plain, Vanilla and Chocolate and I buy Chocolate and Vanilla (always Unsweetened) and use it as base as well as put it on Cereal. I have got off Milk completely ( 1 cup of Skim Milk has 13 grms of Sugar !) You can buy it at most grocery stores now and is often found in the health food section. And it’s cheap ! Now for the Protein. I go to Popeye’s in Ajax to buy my supplements as they have a wide variety of everything. My go-to for Protein Powder is “4 Ever Fit – 4 Ever Whey Protein Powder” – Pics attached. I can’t say enough about this product ! (I should be a spokeswoman!) – A trainer recommended it to me and then I spoke to the rep at Popeye’s in Ajax and he further explained the benefits – AND the other fact is that Protein Powders go by weight – ideally you want the Protein to be 75% + by weight of what you are buying. It’s more “pure Protein” – “4 Ever Fit” is by far the best price point for the size ! 4.4 lb container usually runs $39.99 which is a good price.

If I am training for something heavy like a Race then I sometimes go with MyoFusion by Gaspari. It’s more heavy duty complex mix. Little more expensive as well.

These are the optimal times of usage for the varying protein powders: Postworkout- 30-50 grams whey protein isolate in a postworkout drink with 30-100 grams of carbs. Do not mix with milk after training as this will slow digestion. Bedtime- 25-40 grams.of a sustained release protein like casein. I only do this is I am late and can’t get a decent meal into meal. Sleep is when are body is repairing and recovering. Consuming protein before bed lessens the harmful effects of cortisol increases that can occur during sleep. Although whey is a good source of protein before bed, a sustained-release protein powder is better because the aminos will be released at more gradual rate over a period of 6-8 hours. You can buy casein but it’s VERY thick ! Don’t think you will need it anyway. Morning- Immediately upon awakening. Your body has been fasting through the night and is in need of protein AND WATER !! I always tell my clients as soon as they get out of bed – drink a half bottle of water !!! Your body has just gone 6-8 hours without water !! Would you do that during the day ??? NO ! If time restraints don’t permit an egg white omelette, (I love the Simply Egg Whites liquid) I make scrambled eggs with Feta Cheese and Red Peppers. You can also mix whey protein in a bowl of cooked oatmeal. I also use Cinnamon as a sweetner. You can find Protein Powders at the Health Food Stores – they would sell diff brands and would be more expensive for less volume. GNC is also a good place to find these types of products.

Peace, Love and Fitness

Carole Anne =)


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