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The Buddy Pass

A free 2 week guest pass to Uxbridge’s biggest and best equipped gym.

(And the ticket to becoming your friend group’s favourite friend...for at least 2 weeks)

  • I have other questions.
    If you have any other questions or concerns, speak with our Front Desk staff during staffed hours, call us or email us. Email: Phone: 905-852-6175 Staffed hours: Weekdays 8-8 Weekends 8-4
  • Where do I find my Buddy Passes?
    To find your Buddy Passes: Login to your Member Portal Select "Guest Passes" from the menu
  • How do I find my member portal?
    Type the following address into your search bar: or click the "Start Sharing" button at the top of this page.
  • How do I login to my member portal?
    To login, just use the email you provided us when signing up, and the 4 digit passcode.
  • How do I reset my member portal password?
    Just hit "forgot password" on the login screen or speak with front desk staff and they can email you a new password.
  • How do I share a Buddy Pass?
    To share a Buddy Pass, Login to your member portal. ( Navigate to the "Guest Passes" page in the menu. Tap or click "share" on one of the passes and select your social sharing method.
  • How do I get more Buddy Passes to share?
    Speak with front desk staff to request more passes. (There is no limit to how many passes you can share)
  • Who is eligible to share passes?
    Anyone with access to the member portal can request and share passes. You do not have to be an active member.
  • How do I redeem a Buddy Pass?
    To redeem a Buddy Pass, follow the first link in the automated message your Buddy shared with you and show that barcode to front desk staff.
  • Who is eligible to redeem passes?
    Only individuals who are new to the gym may redeem a Buddy Pass. Buddy Passes cannot be redeemed in conjunction with, before or after any free or trial offer.


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