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Bad Habits Your Kids Need To Break Now

Even if you don’t have kids, these might still apply to you. Read on and see for yourself…

Too much T.V. and video games – It’s recommended that kids shouldn’t be on front of a screen for more than 2 hours per day. Cutting the time spent inside watching T.V. and playing video games means more time out with their friends, playing football, climbing trees – doing active things that keep them healthy.

Junk Food – The first thing kids do when they get home from school is raid the cabinets. Naturally they’ll go for the candy or the potato chips. But if you’re not buying these foods, then they won’t be there for your kids. A simple one to solve.

Copying negative role models – In short you need to practice what you preach. Telling your kids to live a healthy life is sending a mixed message if you don’t do the same. Lead by example.

Obviously, as a parent it’s up to you to help your kids break these bad health habits. The earlier you start, the easier it will be. So start today!

Still looking for something that your child may be interested in doing?  If you’re kids are like mine, you’ll understand how hard it is to get them involved.  We’ve tried all the typical sports like hockey and soccer but it just wasn’t for them.

Our oldest loves baseball but it’s only keeping him active in the summer.

We’ve also offered lacrosse, skiing, mountain biking and still…they just want to play and do different activities, not just one.  They get bored doing the same week after week.

So I did some searching and  I think I may have found what we’ve been looking for.  Kid Fit Cardio is a program created just for kids!  It’s non-competitive, non-sports-specific, full of different acitivities and designed to help kids learn while they are keeping active …….AND it’s coming to Body Fit.

Over the next few weeks we will be putting out information for parents.  Our instructors are super excited, as am I, because this is the coolest program I have ever seen for kids.  In the mean time, you can check out the program here: Kid Fit Cardio

If you want more information and to become eligible for a special discount on the program, make sure you put your contact information into the form after clicking the above link.


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