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Celebrating 28 Years of Excellence at Body Fit!

Our 28th anniversary at Body Fit is on July 15th which is next Monday! We're so excited to celebrate 28 years in business, and we’re running a new promotion to get you in on the excitement! From Monday, July 15th to Sunday, July 21st, we're hosting “Anniversary Week” - an entire week packed with giveaways, a massive membership sale, and member appreciation promotions. Here's everything that’s happening during our Anniversary Week:


To celebrate our 28th anniversary, we're giving away over $3,500 in prizes to our loyal members:

  • Gift Card Giveaways: Every day you check in during Anniversary Week, you’ll be entered to win one of our gift card giveaways! A $25, $50 and $100 gift card will be given away each day!

  • Grand Prize Annual Memberships: We're giving away 3 annual memberships (each valued at $799)! Every day you check in during the week gives you one entry to the grand prize drawings. The more days you check in, the better your chances to win!

Anniversary Membership Super Sale

We’re bringing back our most popular promotion for our previous year’s anniversary event! For a limited time, you can sign up on our Annual membership for just $1.00 down AND enjoy the rest of the Summer for FREE - where payments don’t start until September 1st!

With this deal, you’re saving on almost $90 in startup fees (per person) plus you’re getting the rest of the Summer for FREE on top. We’re also still offering our regular Annual membership discounts on top meaning that if you are eligible, you could save even more! Our discounts we offer are as follows:

  • 10% Off Payments Youth/Senior Discount

  • 15% Off Payments Couple’s Discount

  • 20% Off Payments Family Discount

PLUS, to celebrate this milestone, we have created 100 limited edition 28th anniversary key fobs! These exclusive fobs will be given out first-come-first-serve to individuals who sign-up on this membership special.

There will never be a better time to sign up than during this promotion! If this is something you or someone you know is interested in, act fast, because it will only be available for 7 days during our Anniversary Week which lasts Monday July 15th - Sunday July 21st.

Member Appreciation Promotions

We want to show our appreciation to our amazing members with a couple more extras throughout the week:

Buddy Pass Extra Week Extension: During the week we are extending our Buddy Pass an extra week! The Buddy Pass is our guest pass that active members can share with their friends who have never been to Body Fit before.  By default, they act as a 1 week extension to our 1 week trial membership. Individuals gifted the Buddy Pass from a member just need to buy the $10 key fob to gain access to the gym until the pass expires with no obligated commitment to any payments afterwards. During our Anniversary Week, you will be able to give your friends 3 weeks of gym access for just the cost of a key fob. With the ability to share unlimited passes with unlimited new individuals, this is a fantastic way to introduce your buddies to our community and share with them the Body Fit experience!

*Please note that Buddy Passes can only be redeemed once per individual. Individuals are only eligible to redeem a Buddy Pass if they have never had a membership or trial membership at Body Fit before.

Referral Rewards: If you’re a current member and you refer a friend who signs up on our Anniversary Membership Deal, you’ll receive a $50 Body Fit gift card as thanks for your referral! This gift card can be used towards:

  • Membership Payments

  • Personal Training

  • Other Services

You can refer as many people as you want meaning you can earn an unlimited amount of gift cards!

*Please note that each referral can only be referred by one existing member. Referral eligibility only includes new members signing up for the Anniversary Annual Membership Sale OR current members on any non-Annual membership plan upgrading to the Anniversary Annual Membership Special.

With all that said, this is such an important milestone to us, especially through all that we’ve been through over the years as a family-owned small business. Whether this is the first time you've visited our website or you’ve been a member with us for decades, we really hope you know just how much you mean to us. As a community, we’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings and have developed a culture that we're proud of. Here’s to 28 years, and many more to come 🎉


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