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EXERCISE IS MEDICINE! Uxbridge Doctors can now write prescriptions to get patients active

There is a global health initiative that began in 2007 called “Exercise is Medicine”.  This initiative was brought about to make a systematic change through changing entire health care systems.

At Body Fit we believe that this change will have the most impact if it starts right in the Doctors office.   However, we also understand that a Doctors traditional scope of practice does not include comprehensive pre-exercise assessments or preparing exercise programs for their patients.

On September 21st, Body Fit Health Club launched it’s Physician Communication Program at the Uxbridge Health Centre.  For the Doctors, it’s as simple as writing out a prescription for medication and just as a easy to “fill” one for the patients.   This system for exercise referral was developed in collaboration with Dr. Carlye Jensen and Andy Luukkonen, Owner of Body Fit Health Club.

“While I can prescribe various medicines to help with blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and many other ailments these pills are nothing compared to the results that can be achieved with healthy eating and exercise.  Daily exercise is good for the body as well as the mind and soul and is the best prescription a doctor can provide.” says Dr. Carlye Jensen

This “system” is both simple yet comprehensive at the same time.  Individuals can get involved through their Doctor or any other health care provider such as a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor Near Me staff, Massage Therapist or even their insurance case manager in the event of a claim that requires rehabilitation.  Even if you haven’t been referred by anyone, we can get you started.

The integral part of the system comes down to communication.  Many clients have come to us and say that their Dr. told them they need to join a gym and get some exercise but don’t know the Doctors main areas of concern or many details about why the Doctor recommended exercise. It’s kind of like a situation of “broken telephone” but the Communication Program takes care of all these details.

Doctors can now fill out a prescription form and hand it to their patients.  It will detail the areas of concern and provide other need to know information for the fitness professional.  Instructions on how to “fill” the prescription are on the back of the prescription form.  Patients then bring the prescription to Body Fit Health Club.  Patients will receive a comprehensive assessment, a free trial membership to use the facility and several options to follow through with the Doctors recommendations.  Details of the assessment and recommended exercise plan will be faxed to the referring Doctor along with the patient’s authorization to communicate directly with the Doctor for future follow-up.

The same process of communication would be done regardless of which health care professional refers a patient.  It’s also worth noting that we understand that not everyone is a “gym” person.  Once the trainers have completed the initial assessment, they can also create exercise plans to be done at home or outside.  Purchasing a gym membership is not required as regular follow-up is part of the exercise prescription.  Although exercise programs at fitness facilities are not covered by OHIP, depending on the patient’s situation, some insurance plans may cover the cost.

If you would like to learn more about Body Fit’s Physician Communication Program, simply call Andy at 905-852-6175!


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