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Exercising For Fat Loss Vs. Muscle Gain At Stouffville Gyms

A well-rounded fitness program at Stouffville gyms will ensure that you maximize your efforts and meet your fitness goals, whatever they may be, but people often gravitate toward fitness with a definite goal of either losing weight or gaining muscle. To prepare to meet your fitness goals, it helps to understand that fat loss is not the same as muscle gain and that different exercises are stressed for each program over another. Here, we take a look at the types of workout routines that will get you to either your fat loss or muscle gaining goals more effectively. We always recommend going to Stouffville gyms to workout most effectively.

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Losing Fat Vs. Gaining Muscle

First off, it helps to recognize that fat loss is different than weight loss. As you build muscle, you might actually gain weight or see slow weight loss because you are gaining muscle, which also burns more fat and enhances fat loss all the more. The number on the scale is irrelevant. Fat loss is your ultimate goal in this respect.

At the most basic level, strength training is what builds muscle and aerobic exercise is what burns the most fat. The type and the level of intensity for each varies from person to person depending on many factors. In the beginning, the factor that matters most is fitness and ability, which a personal trainer at Stouffville gyms can assess to develop a fitness plan for either fat burning or muscle gain and then again adjust as you go.

But what actual exercises are right for each? Good Stouffville gyms provides facilities for both.

For burning fat, the old ‘stand-by’s’ are a good place to start. These may be things like:

  1. Walking

  2. Running

  3. Dance and aerobics

  4. tredmill workouts

Also other variable exercises like interval training. Intensity dictates both how much fat is burned during exercise and after throughout the remainder of the day.

For muscle gain, resistance training and weight lifting are top of the list. Of those, basic movements and compound exercises net the greatest gains, but they have to be performed properly to prevent injury and really target the muscle groups. At Stouffville gyms, you can learn about these. Muscle gaining exercises may be things like:

  1. Squats

  2. Dead lifts

  3. Presses—bench, shoulder

  4. Rows

  5. Dips

  6. Push-ups and pull-ups

Muscle-building programs will center on both free weights and machine work. The basics are used as foundation and incorporating other complementary weight training exercises will help round out the program.

Balancing Out The Equation

While it is true that you need to focus your workout toward your end-goal, it is also true that you will benefit and reach that goal more quickly with the right balance of both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. We are learning more and more about the unique relationship between these two all the time. There is almost always a way to enhance your workout routine to better target each goal. Stouffville gyms can help you reach that goal.

The job of the professional trainer is to bring the best and most effective exercise routine to you so that you can safely and expediently meet fitness objectives. Whether you exercise to lose fat or build muscle, consider how a professional personal trainer can help you balance out the equation, improve your overall health picture, and meet those goals.


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