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Guess Who's coming to Body Fit???

Well it seems that Christmas is sneaking up on us again.  I couldn’t  help but notice all the cars parked up and down the streets last weekend for the home tour.  Second Ave. sure seemed busy.  Maybe it’s a good street to get some decorating ideas??  As a matter of fact, Nicole Coulter, a long time member at Body Fit lives on Second and she has one of the keenest eyes for decor.  If you toured her house, you know what I mean. Anyway, as you have been planning your Christmas shopping and thinking about what to put on the table, I have been helping Scott Campsall from Okami Kai plan the Knock Out Hunger Open House.

It’s now in it’s 11th year and we have successfully been able to donate thousands of dollars and tons of food to the local food bank with the help of our members.

But we need your help!

Although Knock Out Hunger takes place on one evening, the collection takes place over a few weeks.

This year we have added some incentive for you.

Typically we have had local businesses help us out by donating small prizes.  They get raffled off and the money goes to the food bank.

The same will happen this year but I think we can do better with your help.

If you or someone you know has a business that could afford to provide a raffle prize here is what I am going to do.

For the business, we will get you a tax receipt from the food bank acknowledging the donation.  Secondly, the business name  will go into a draw.

This year I will be giving away 2 annual memberships.  That’s a value of almost  $1200.00!!

One for a business and one for a raffle prize winner.

So if you or someone you know can help out with a raffle prize, please have them contact me directly….info below.

So what if you aren’t a business??  How do you win the other membership?

You have to do 2 things…..

  1. bring in a food donation to Body Fit

  2. buy the raffle ticket

Event Details…..

Starting next week..Monday November 23rd, we will be accepting food donations, raffle donations and selling raffle tickets.

On Monday December 7th starting at 6PM, Body Fit and Okami Kai will be hosting an open house for the event.  The address is 141 Reach Street (at Body Fit Health Club).  Doing things for kids is our main theme.  Here are a few things we have planned and yes they are all FREE!!

  1. Kid Fit Cardio class demo

  2. Martial Arts Demo

  3. Face Painting

  4. Subway is providing snacks

  5. Balloons and balloon animals


That’s right…I just spoke to the jolly old elf the other day.  He cleared his schedule and gave me the thumbs up.  So skip the mall line and come to Body Fit.  The first 100 kids will get a present and a photo with Santa!  He also told me he plays  a little guitar and wants to sing Christmas carols with the kids too!  What an awesome guy!

I look forward to surpassing our old record of three pick-up trucks full of food.  I know we can do it.  Oh, and for every dollar collected for the food bank through raffle tickets, I will personally match it so we can double the contribution.

Stay tuned for more!

Andy Luukkonen

Owner, Body Fit Health Club or 905-852-6175


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