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H1N1 Shots – Commentary

H1N1 has made it to the headlines again!  This time, it’s about the massive line-ups all over southern Ontario.  Right here in Uxbridge I heard the waiting times have been hours long.  It’s amazing how long we’ll wait for something if we think it will help us stay healthy.  Quite ironic when I think about it.

I was at a fitness marketing conference in Orlando a week or so ago.  There was a common theme that kept coming back although the topics of discussion were all quite different.  I think it was summed up quite nicely by a man name Juan Carlos Santana.  Known as one of the most sought after authorities on functional training and human performance, J.C. correlated the general perception of many things in general (by today’s standards) with that of health and fitness.  Basically,   people look for instant gratification in almost everything we do.

Who thinks of saving money for that special thing we have always wanted?  Instead..we swipe the card and pay later.  Who wants to take the time to learn how to fix something anymore?  Instead, we either get rid of it and buy a new one (on the card) or pay someone else to fix it.  It’s faster, easier and an instant fix.   Not many people are mechanically inclined anymore and those who are…well they are doing well for themselves.

The same seems to be true when it comes to our health.  If there is a pill that claims it will make you skinny in 30 days or less, it will sell off the shelf instantly.  Medications will quickly take effect and rid you or sneezing or sniffling  for 24 hours a day!  All you have to do is keep taking the pill.

So what got me thinking about H1N1?

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who was at the conference in Orlando.  He addressed H1N1 on his blog and stuck his neck out.  He posted his opinion.  Open for ridicule and opposition, he gave the reader his 2 cents on what he thinks about the whole H1N1 shot.

You can read his post here:

I replied and posted a story of my own but from my own personal experience.  And that was what got me thinking about the message that J.C. Santana was trying to get across……the benefits of DELAYED GRATIFICATION.

Our bodies are amazing.  If we let it/help it work the way it’s supposed to work, you’d be surprised what it can do.  But it takes time to realize it.  There are faculties that we haven’t even begun to experience because we don’t know how to do it.  Take for example, the feat of lifting a car in cases of do or die situations.  It’s been documented many times over.  Individuals lifting cars off of loved ones to save their lives.

Did they work out for years or have extra special powers?  No.  It was there all the time.   Imagine if we knew how to tap into that “super human” strength on a regular basis.  What if our bodies were already designed to over come super bugs, disease and other life threatening conditions?  Maybe it already can and we just haven’t looked in the right direction or taken the time to figure it out?  Or maybe, just maybe… we are hindering it.

Below is what I posted on Conor’s blog.   My experience was with a common problem that millions of people face every year and throw millions of dollars at to get rid of it quickly.   I decided to take the long road……and it worked.  Will it help with H1N1?  I guess I’ll find out.  Oh, and the red lobster comment in his post is an inside joke.

Hey Conor, Nice post!  I hear that eating at Red Lobster 4 days in a row also helps!

But seriously, I agree.  Here is a little thing I’ll share with you.  I used to have really bad allergies.  I had to take days off of work in early spring because of all the pollen flying around.  It would literally disable me. Like everyone else, I took every allergy  medication  on the shelf.  Year after year I would have to change it up because the one I used the previous year didn’t work anymore.  Eventually I ran out of choices…. Then..wait for it…..I started to take vitamins!  I also did a 9 day detox (available at Body Fit Health Club for those of you in the Uxbridge Area!..thanks Conor) But Conor can also set you up with it. Anyway, I’ve been allergy symptom free for 2 years and haven’t taken a pill since. Not for the flu, a cold..NOTHING.  And I have three young kids that bring home every bug under the sun.  Wanna know what I take?  I’ve posted it here:

And you can get it all from Conor too.

Our body’s natural immune system is truly amazing.  Unfortunately it’s always working on over drive and we aren’t feeding it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep up. So, give your body a fighting chance.  It won’t let you down.

Andy Luukkonen Body Fit Health Club Uxbridge (Friend and Supporter of Conor Kelly)

My allergy killing, germ killing, bacteria fighting secret is:

1) Daily multivitamins (vitalizer by Shaklee)

2) Daily Vitamin E – 3 per day (400IU per capsule)

3) Daily Omega 3 – 3 per day ( fish oil 1065mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acid 630mg and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid ) 400mg and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 200mg.)

4) Daily Glucosamine Sulfate – 2 per day

And remember, nothing happens over night, Rome wasn’t built in a day and good things come to those who wait.

To your health,

Andy Luukkonen

Owner, Body Fit Health Club


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