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This may be a little off topic for you Uxbridge fitness buffs, but it is TOTALLY relevant! 

I got this email from Jeff Anderson of and thought you’d like it!  The following article comes from Master Scott Bolan – a pretty interesting guy – who has spent YEARS of intensely studying not only Martial Arts, Combat, Warrior Fitness and Strength; but also Art, Philosophy, Mind Control, Persuasion, Seduction, Sales, Negotiation and even Firewalking.

As Jeff pointed out in his email, “the fact is that fear actually can have a white-knuckle grip on so many parts of our lives.

…fear of failure

…fear of gaining weight

…fear of LOSING weight (yes…it happens!)

…fear of ANYTHING can hold us back from being our best and reaching for the stars!”

I sincerely hope this article helps YOU as much as it has my other Uxbridge personal training clients…


“How To Be As Bold As A LION!”

By Master Scott Bolan


Bruce Lee said “consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to mankind.”

He was absolutely correct. Self-consciousness is another word for self-doubt, which is a form of fear.

And fear is your enemy’s greatest weapon againstyou. It’s also the greatest obstacle between you and anything you desire.

The way to get rid of fear, permanently, is to train your mind to give up your emotional attachment to the outcome.

What I mean by that is – have you ever noticed the guy who has all the hot women acts as if he couldn’t care less? But the guy who is desperate couldn’t get a date to save his life. You could say the guy with all the girls has lots of money, but that is rarely the case.

Have you ever noticed that someone with money tends to make more money? But the guy who’s broke tends to constantly be broke and struggling to get by?

The desperate guy in both situations is emotionally attached to the outcome. He “needs it too badly.”

Thus, he is sending out an energy that is actually pushing away what he wants.

The one who has all the money, the hot chicks, etc, is putting off a different type of energy that attracts rather than repels. It’s not about which products he uses or how many times over you he has to buy a safety razor blade refill for his ever present lion mane, no it’s deeper than that.

Does that make sense?

And although when reading the above situations one wouldn’t think of fear, in fact they are both fear-based situations.

The desperate guy unknowingly is afraid of not having the money, afraid of not having a pretty girlfriend, etc.

So afraid in fact that he is attracting that which he fears.

And thus the wisdom of Bruce Lee’s words “consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to mankind.”

It applies to every area of life.

So you may be thinking “how do I start if I don’t have what I want to begin with?”


Train your mind to let go of your emotional attachment to the outcome, and Be as Bold as a Lion.

A Lion isn’t afraid of you. He isn’t afraid of losing. He doesn’t even think about it.

He just attacks, instinctively.

Go for what you want in that way.

Kick the ball out ahead of you and chase it, and stop thinking so much.

I’m not saying to be careless and foolhardy. I’m saying develop the Lion’s Intuitive Instinct and replace your self-doubt with it.

If you look deep enough, you’ll find self-doubt affecting everything you do.

But as of right now, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

With Martial Mastery you’ll now get the solution.

Once you understand it, and then apply it forevermore it will become as natural as breathing.

Yours in Warrior Wisdom,

Master Scott Bolan


Pretty cool article, eh?

I hope you got some great insight out of it!  Please, let me know how this article helped you.


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