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Meet Pete Dauncey | Our Honorary Guest Judge

The atmosphere at Body Fit is crackling with excitement as we prepare to host our inaugural annual event, "The Body Fit Block Party". This event is set to be a memorable gathering of fitness enthusiasts and local community members, filled with fun, camaraderie, and a celebration of fitness. One of the highlights of this gathering is undoubtedly the "2023 Summer Classic" Bench Press and Deadlift Competitions. And today, we're thrilled to announce that the honorary guest judge for the bench press contest will be none other than the bench press multi-record holder and hometown hero, Pete Dauncey.

Pete Dauncey: A Local Legend

Pete has been a vital part of our gym's community for many years. With multiple records under his belt, he's not just a powerlifter, but a role model. His achievements in bench pressing are a testament to his passion, commitment, and the sheer strength he possesses. As an honorary judge at the Summer Classic, Pete will continue to inspire and influence fitness enthusiasts with his wealth of experience and dedication.

The 2023 Summer Classic: More Than a Competition

The Summer Classic Bench Press Competition is the heart of our Block Party, a stage for strength, grit, and determination. Yet, Pete emphasizes that this event is not just for seasoned competitors. He believes that everyone, regardless of their experience level, should consider participating.

Engage, Learn and Grow

The upcoming event is a golden opportunity to not only watch a competitive bench press contest but also to soak up knowledge from one of the best. Pete will be offering his insights, sharing advice, and providing guidance throughout the day. Whether you're competing or simply observing, this is your chance to learn from a local legend and elevate your fitness journey.

Circle July 15th on your calendar. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about personal growth, community spirit, and exploring the exhilarating world of fitness. Participation is key, pushing limits is the goal, and discovering inner strength is the ultimate reward.

For more details about the competitions, the application process, or to learn more about the Body Fit Block Party, follow us on social media, our email list, or stay up to date with our blog. The 2023 Summer Classic awaits you – come and be a part of this fitness celebration!


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