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Personal Trainers In Stouffville Report! Are Reality TV Weight Loss Shows Helpful?

Our personal trainers in Stouffville understand that watching a person succeed at weight loss after a lifetime of failure is quite motivational; in the best of circumstances, you could use that experience to help boost your own fitness and weight loss program. But is it realistic to think that you can lose weight like you see on TV?

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The Pros And Cons Of Reality TV Weight Loss

Everything that you see on a reality TV weight loss show is not necessarily bad, but you have to be able to take the show for its entertainment value and know where reality ends. There are both good and bad lessons to be learned by watching reality TV weight loss shows, and before you apply what you see to your own weight loss goals, our personal trainers in Stouffville want you to consider the whole of the matter.

What’s Good About Reality TV Weight Loss Shows?

First off, reality TV weight loss can be very motivational. It is inspiring to watch a person who has struggled with weight and fitness all their lives become stronger and healthier. There is a certain confidence you get from watching others—whose lives may parallel your own—succeed. It is motivational to see that it is possible for the most unlikely of persons to push themselves past the point they thought possible to lose weight and achieve higher levels of health and fitness.

It is also beneficial to see the difference a real support system and weight loss/fitness plan can make. Often reality TV weight loss shows feature support systems, group therapies, and professional services for the participants. For many, it is the presence and support of these other individuals, and the education that they gain in regards to health and fitness, that help them make the jump to finally achieving weight loss goals. Our personal trainers in Stouffville know first hand that proper instruction and constant motivation can help you achieve your long term weight loss.

What’s The Downside To Reality TV Weight Loss Methods?

Like most reality TV series, reality TV weight loss shows present very unrealistic portrayals of weight loss for the average man or woman. These shows provide personal trainers and nutritional support, but they also take an extreme approach to weight loss in many instances, pushing diet extremes and day-long workouts rather than incremental, sustainable fitness and nutritional programs.

Our personal trainers in Stouffville want you to know that it is not realistic to try to lose weight just by watching snippets of weeks and weeks of people working to lose weight and then trying to recreate their weight loss ‘program’ on your own. What is often not shown is that these contestants are spending entire days in the gym and at times crash dieting for a monetary prize, which ends up being an unrealistic motivation once normal life resumes.

This also has the effect of promoting exercise programs that are not safe or healthy for individual viewers (and also not for the contestants sometimes). Safe and effective exercise is highly personal, and we would suggest contacting our personal trainers in Stouffville to help create a program customized for your needs. The physical health and abilities of the individual must be considered before a good exercise program can be devised.

The biggest problem with reality TV weight loss shows is that they are not personally tailored to you. It is not safe, healthy, or effective for you to simply adopt the program used by another—whether your neighbor or a contestant on TV. Our personal trainers in Stouffville create healthy fitness programs see to all aspects of the individual’s life and create a program that is healthy and workable—and sustainable—for a lifetime of health and fitness.


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