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Prescription to Get Active!

Most Canadians are not active enough in their day. Are you one of them? Prescription To Get Active launched in Ontario in Spring 2018. It is now running in the London, Markham, Richmond Hill, Woodstock, Bancroft, Toronto, Stouffville and Uxbridge! Body Fit is proud to be an active participating facility.

Prescription to Get Active is dedicated to improving the health of Canadians by providing an impactful program and making physical activity the most powerful prescription given. The goal of the program is to support individuals to become more active, to equip physicians and their health care teams with the tools to educate their patients on the importance of physical activity and to partner with recreation facilities to provide accessible spaces within all communities.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Talk to your Doctor or health care professional about your Prescription to get Active. They will fill out the prescription to get active the same way they would a prescription for medication.

Step 2: Visit, to register your prescription, receive your own Getting Started 6-week program and access to resources including fitness facilities offering free trial access.

Step 3: Start moving your way:

  1. at home and or outdoors in your community or

  2. bring your prescription to get active to Body Fit to redeem a 2 Week no obligation free membership.  If you think we are a good fit after your trial and join the club, we can enroll you in our Physician Communication Program to facilitate feedback and follow-up with your health care provider.

Step 4: Keep moving! Did you know that from a single session of activity such as a 10 minute walk, you can; improve your mood, concentration, strength, endurance, posture and help manage your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.


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