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Simple Steps To Prevent Knee Injury In A Fitness Gyms in Durham

Knee injury is a common complaint amongst fitness gyms in Durham-goers. Knee injury in the gym for many people is largely avoidable with a little education. Even for those who have already suffered a knee injury, a dose of exercise education can help manage an existing condition and prevent further injury.

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Why Knee Injuries Happen

In a majority of cases, knee injury is entirely avoidable in the fitness gyms in Durham.

Many times knees are injured only because people do not know the right way to use gym equipment. Safe equipment use relies on knowing:

  1. The correct positioning and form

  2. The degree to which the equipment can safely be used given an individual’s fitness level (how hard, how fast, how intense, how strong you can go)

  3. The movements the equipment was designed for

  4. The muscle groups the equipment was designed to work

  5. How the equipment can be used for multiple exercises (again, with knowledge of form and intensity)

Likewise, exercises that are not dependent upon equipment result in knee injury for much the same reason. This can apply to strength training, free weights, flexibility, yoga, Pilates, and aerobic movements. Safe exercising at the fitness gyms in Durham without equipment relies on knowing:

  1. Correct positioning of various muscles and body parts

  2. The degree of intensity that is safe given an individual’s fitness level

  3. The right movement

  4. How to modify an exercise to increase results

  5. The right combination of exercises to safely achieve desired results (so that no one body part is being injured because of use and overload)

Given that these are the main reasons people suffer knee injuries in the gym, the answer for prevention, and even management post-injury, is education.

Getting Educated To Prevent Knee Injury While Working Out

The only way to really be safe and prevent knee strain (or any other type of injury in the gym) is to get educated by someone who knows. In the fitness gyms in Durham, that person is a personal trainer. A personal trainer will help you prevent injury by:

  1. Training you on each piece of equipment

  2. Teaching you the uses for different equipment

  3. Teaching you proper form and body positioning and working with you until you achieve it with ease

  4. Starting you at a safe level of intensity and increasing workout intensity as safe and necessary

  5. Modifying exercises given existing knee injury and other conditions

  6. Evaluating the safety of a movement/exercise/intensity and making accommodations and modifications when appropriate

The key to knee injury prevention in the fitness gyms in Durham is education. Find a qualified professional who can help you learn about how to exercise safely and how to make the best and safest use of your workout time so that you can continue to see results and achieve your goals.


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