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The Best Before and After Pictures of the Year!

One of Body Fit’s core values is Kaizen.   It’s a Japanese word meaning constant steady improvement.  I adopted this word from someone else and I would encourage you to use it when you set your goals.

Every year we try to do just a little better than the previous year.   Since Scott Campsall from Okami Kai brought us on board with the Knock Out Hunger Project,  we have accomplished just that.

I am proud to say that this year has been the best yet.  Despite our economic climate that cast a big gray cloud over the majority of the year, I think that this Christmas will be a good one at the Food Bank.

I know for sure that with your help we have brought in more food than in the past 11 years without question.  So I wanted to share our before and after pictures with you.

Knock Out Hunger tree after

The tree on the right really exemplifies the true spirit of giving.  Thank you for your contributions.  Keep in mind that you can keep bringing in donations until December 24th.

Our next before and after shots represent the cash contributions by way of raffle tickets.  There are over 100 on the right….resulting in a $500 cheque going to the food bank.

Knock Out Hunger 2009 wall before
Knock Out Hunger 2009 wall after

So now it’s time to reward you for doing such a great job.  It’s our annual 12 days of Christmas GIVE AWAY!!  There are 12 great prizes with a combined value of over $2300.  All you have to do is come into the gym and fill out a ballot.

Good Luck!

Andy Luukkonen

Owner, Body Fit Health Club

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