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THE Stretch for Low Back Pain Relief

Today I wanted to show you a really simple stretch that can provide quick relief for low back pain that comes as a result of long periods sitting.  This stretch works by temporarily lengthening the Psoas muscle (pronounced “So As”).  The Psoas is a hip flexor and when tight it tends to tip your pelvis forward and compresses the lumbar vertebrae resulting in low back pain.  By temporarily lengthening the muscle, you are bringing the spine back into alignment and reducing the pressure.  The word temporary is important to note.  A tight or shortened Psoas will return to that shortened position unless the factor that is causing it to become shortened is addressed.  Our Functional Movement Evaluation is a great place to start identifying these imbalances.

Please note that a tight Psoas is NOT the only contributing factor behind low back pain and this post is in no way diagnosing your specific issues with respect to low back pain.  Always seek the advice of a health care professional when you are in pain before you start trying to address the problem by Googling Low Back Pain fixes.

If this stretch doesn’t work for you then give us a call.  We can get you in front of a professional that can help identify the cause.


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