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Uxbridge Personal Trainer Earns FMS Certification


It seems more and more of today’s individuals are working harder to become stronger and healthier. These individuals are constantly working to improve their activities by increasing their flexibility, strength, endurance, and power.  However, very few if any begin strength and conditioning or rehabilitative programs by determining if they have adequate movement patterns.

The innovation of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a proactive approach for determining who is at risk for injury, and then assigns corrective exercises to increase movement efficiency, and hopefully improve performance while decreasing injury potential.  In recent years, the FMS has been used with many organizations, including the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Blue Jays, Indianapolis Colts, and even the United States Military, just to name a few.  According to physical preparation coach Dale Andrew, one of fewer than 100 FMS certified specialists in Canada, the purpose of the Functional Movement Screen is:

  1. Safety: Identify individuals at risk, who are attempting to maintain or increase activity level.

  2. Evaluation: Provide systematic tool to monitor progress and movement pattern development in the presences of changing fitness levels.

  3. Corrective Strategies: Assist in program design by systematically using corrective exercise to normalize or improve fundamental movement patterns.

  4. Standardization: Create a functional movement baseline which will allow rating and ranking movement for statistical observation.

For young and old alike, it adds another perspective of human movement that could potentially help clarify problems as well as improve performance and resistance to injury.  And, as Coach Dale says, “More is not always better.  Better is better.  And, superior programming will always produce superior results.”

Whether you are just beginning an exercise program, or whether you’re an avid exerciser, or athlete and you would like to be movement screened, contact  (Special group rates apply for teams and organizations.)


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