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Uxbridge Personal Trainer Gets Annika's Trainer to Reveal His Top 6 Golf Training Tips

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an international fitness conference in Orlando, Florida.  I was the only Uxbridge personal trainer on hand, and only one of three Canadians.

It was here that I had the privilege of listening and speaking to a legend in Golf Training, Kai Fusser, Director of The Annika Golf Academy.

As an Uxbridge personal trainer, I have certainly seen many clients that want to improve their golf game, realizing that physical fitness might be their biggest handicap.  

Kai Fusser was one of the trainers primarily responsible for the golf fitness craze:  Golf is now seen as a sport, golfers as athletes.  The success of Annika Sorenstam on the women’s side and Tiger on the men’s side has been a powerful lesson for golfers aspiring to better their golf game.

In speaking with Kai, it was reaffirming to me that we shared many of the same training philosophies that I have utilized with my Uxbridge personal training clients.  In the last year, two of my Uxbridge golf training clients have gone on to achieve their best results in golf:

  1. Gail Pimm had 3 top ten finishes at the Ontario Women’s Amateur Level, including a win at the Scarborough District Championship.

  2. Jacob Scriven earned his CPGA tour card!

As an Uxbridge personal trainer, I do not count medals or championships – that credit goes to the athlete.  Congratulations Gail and Jacob!

Just as an athlete looks to improve , I do the same as a coach year, investing in coaching from the best in the industry so that I can continue to provide my clients with superior results.

I managed to get Kai Fusser to reveal his top 6 Golf training secrets and how to train for golf:

  1. The Base – It is important to have a solid stance, to feel the ground, a good connection and dynamic legs.

  2. The Axis – Rotating around your center is a fundamental movement pattern that you must master.  You must be aligned and stacked for performance and injury prevention. 

  3. The Core – You must pull abs in and up every time, training your core with movement and to accomodate change in direction

  4. Power Flow – Learning to let the forces travel without tension as you turn around the center is required for a pure swing.

  5. Perfect Practice – If you want there to be a transfer from the gym to the course, you must ensure that every repetition has a purpose.

  6. Mental – Goals create action.  Everything starts with the right belief system.  You must train this.

How are you doing?  If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, I can help you get yourself and your golf game in shape as I have proven with my Uxbridge personal training clients.


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