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What do Dragons have to do with Training??? By C.A. Elliott

Many centuries ago there was a man who loved dragons. He had dragon paintings, dragon statues, etc. One day a dragon that lived in the hills heard of this man and decided to pay him a friendly visit, figuring he’d be happy to finally meet a live dragon ! So the animal stuck his head in the man’s bedroom window one evening and introduced himself. The man freaked out and and bolted from his home screaming. So how does this relate to training? The man loved the CONCEPT of dragons, but when faced with the reality of one, caved. This is the approach that many people have to training. They want that glorious physique; the “ripped” look and six-pack abs or to lose 100 lbs – whatever the big goal – but they’re afraid of the hard work it takes to get there. So instead of only wishing you had a body like the ones you see in magazines, go to work at MAKING IT A REALITY !! Write down your goals and set out your plan to tame your dragon! Remember it’s a Lifestyle Shift and something you need to work at on a daily basis. There are NO quick fixes, fad diets don’t work ! The only one standing in your way of a new you is YOU!

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