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What Some Gyms Don’t Want You To Know!

I highly recommend that you read this report BEFORE you join any gym.  My inspiration behind writing this report came from a promotion that came to my e-mail.  YES I shop all my competition just as any other smart business owner would do.  Anyway, this promotion came on the heels of a few other note-worthy and health club related red flags that just provoked me to put pen to paper.

I’m sure that it’s not unlike any other industry out there.  Unless you are in it, you don’t know how to filter out the garbage and find the truth that lies beneath.  So, I took it upon myself to help educate the honest hard working folks that truly do want to change their life and seek out a health club that will look after their needs.  A club with a set of Core Values that include honesty, integrity and respect.  I didn’t make any of this stuff up and some things may be shocking.

I titled the report, “What Some Gyms Don’t Want You To Know”

I have disclosed some of the obvious problems that exist in the industry and some of the really frightening truths that the general public would never know.  Finally, I provide a checklist of items that you can use to arm yourself the next time you step foot into the gym.  Don’t be surprised if you get some blank stares or if the sales staff avoid answering your questions.  If that’s the case, thank them for their time and MOVE ON!

In this report you will learn:

  1. Which gyms only want your money and could care less about you!

  2. Which franchises actually encourage absentee owners!

  3. How to avoid being seduced by price alone.

  4. What questions you need to ask before you even consider a membership.

  5. How some gyms set you up for failure before you even start.

  6. Three things a club MUST be able to provide before you even spend a dime!

To be in the know and to protect yourself from needless failure, complete the form below for your FREE copy of my latest report.


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