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Why Taking Care of your Teeth and Feet will help YOU live longer !!!! – By C.A. Elliott


In a recent poll of the elderly and their care givers, they were asked…if they could go back and change something or had any regrets regarding their health, what would it be? The surprising answer….Take better care of their FEET and TEETH !!! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming !)….but it’s True! So that “flossing” twice a day that your amazing dentist for kids and adults fromgives you….yeah….it’s worth it!

Many researchers believed many years ago that Gum Disease could lead to Heart Disease. While the two may not sound related, fast forward to the future and scientists now believe that the heart CAN be weakened by agents in the blood that respond to inflammation and guess what….Chronic Gum Disease produces constant inflammation. 

According to only will it go a long way toward protecting your teeth and gums (and lowering your body’s overall inflammation, website for more details), it’s also just plain old good hygiene ! If allowed to deteriorate, teeth and feet can cause misery and therefore poor health. And if you smoke….quit NOW. That alone causes major issues for oral hygiene among other health issues!

Poor Oral hygiene can produce tooth decay or worse the total loss of one’s teeth..

Now let’s talk about those “tender tootsies” !! Most people only think about their feet when they want to get a pedicure or have to clip their toenails….but there is SO much MORE to think about !!! Not taking care of your feet can result in painful bunions, corns, warts and other podiatric torments that can make walking difficult, if not impossible. What’s more, the feet contain thousands of receptors that help you to gain information about your whereabouts – literally !! Many of these receptors contribute to your sense of balance and and ability to walk. A whopping one-quarter of the bones in the body are located in the feet (or phalanges) !!!

Your feet can also have a “domino effect” on the rest of the body. Left untreated, many foot aliments can (like pronation issues – over and under) lead to both KNEE and HIP and Back issues later in life. I instruct ALL my clients to head to a sports store or Running Room and have their feet analyzed to make sure they do not have any issues and are fitted for the proper Running Shoes !!! And don’t even get me STARTED on high heels and the damage they cause!!! Many people never consider the shoes they are wearing everyday can be the culprits to pain they feel later ! I rarely wear high heels nowadays due to that very reason. And MY feet are happier because of it. (and so is my lower back!). So don’t feel guilty about getting that foot massage and examine your feet for strange moles and other skin discolorations. Your feet can also be a site for skin cancer as well !

And don’t forget, that together our feet and teeth are major connectors to the world around us! We use our teeth to obtain nourishment and our feet to navigate our paths through life.

So DON’T forget them !!!

“Peace, Love and Fitness” **


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