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Working Out Post Pregnancy Do It Safely with Personal Training in Port Perry

Personal training in Port Perry understands that many women are anxious to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies after the birth of a child, but find the wait excruciating. Many factors go into when you can start exercising again and how easy it will be to lose that baby weight. It doesn’t help that we often see celebrities shed their baby weight in a few months after birth. Feeling fit and healthy after a pregnancy is important for every woman, and personal training in Port Perry can help. In this article, we discuss why some women have to wait longer than others, what you can do while you’re waiting, and how personal training in Port Perry help if you don’t know where to start. When you’re considering hiring a personal trainer, think about the benefits that in-home training could have for you and your child.

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Every body is different

Sure it’s frustrating to see celebrities shed their baby weight in a matter of months, but there are two reasons this happens. First of all, being in good shape is a part of a celebrity’s job, so they likely were exercising regularly before and during their pregnancy, which will help the body regain its previous shape after the pregnancy. Also, celebrities can often afford to have a nanny to look after their children and have the time to work out several hours a day. Most of us can’t afford this luxury, so don’t be discouraged to find that it takes you a little longer to get back in shape.

Even if you’ve been exercising regularly before and during pregnancy, some women will have to wait as long as eight weeks before exercising again. Much of this depends on the method of childbirth. Women who gave birth naturally with no complications can start doing light exercises shorting after the birth date, while those that have Cesareans will have to wait the longest. Even then, women may have episiotomy stitches that need to heal before working out. Recovering from a Cesarean birth can take as long as eight weeks, as this requires the most amount of tissue healing before strenuous exercise can be done.

Baby steps

Even the fittest mother isn’t going to hop out of bed and run a marathon the week after birth, because the body naturally needs time to recover from the event. Those that have had an uncomplicated birth can start with some non-stressful exercises, such as leg stretches and Kegel exercises. When you feel up to it, you can even try some light walking, but the most important thing to do is to listen to your body, and never push yourself. It is always wise to get the green light from your doctor before starting any kind of increased activity. In addition, personal training in Port Perry can help you safely and effectively get fit without straining your delicate body.

Breastfeeding Moms

Women that are breastfeeding may find it more difficult to lose the baby weight, but they shouldn’t be concerned, as this is completely natural. Breastfeeding mothers need to keep their calorie intake high in order to ensure that enough nutrients are being transmitted to the milk. Breastfeeding mothers should also consider when they breastfeed if they’re already exercising. Some babies find the milk after a work out session to be sour, thanks to an increase in lactic acid, so you may want to consider feeding or pumping before working out.

Where to start

The most important thing when starting a fitness program after pregnancy is to be sure that you have your doctor’s permission to exercise. As frustrating as it can be to wait, the doctor has your overall health in mind and will prevent you from forcing your body when it isn’t ready. When you are ready, you should seek the advice from personal training in Port Perry on the best fitness regime for you. A great idea is to consult a personal trainer, who can assess your present fitness, map out your fitness goals, and help you achieve them in a safe and effective way. If you are ready to being your post pregnancy workout, consider personal training in Port Perry to get your on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle!


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