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We are here to help!

Body Fit is here to help you Move Better, Feel Better and Perform Better.  We believe that we all have different reasons for joining a health club, however, we all want results….Real Results.  We also know that people come from different backgrounds with a wide variety of fitness knowledge and budgets. 


For those that have a plan and know their way around the gym, we have an option just for you. For those that need a little help but can manage on their own once shown what to do, we have an option just for you. And for those that need all the help and individual attention to stay motivated and on track, we have you covered!


Service, Support, Results

All of our packages are value priced and include full use of the gym without restrictions. In addition there are HUGE savings for families, couples, students, and seniors.

Body Fit is about service, support, and results. Then, and only then, will you truly appreciate the quality of service and undivided attention you will receive as we guide you to the RESULTS you have been looking for.

Please click the button below to view our Info Pack with more information on prices, programs and memberships.

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