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We pride ourselves on being different than every other health and fitness establishment. From Gym Memberships to Personal Training, we have your health and fitness bases covered.

We will support and enable those that simply want acces to the gym.  We will guide, empower and motivate those that need help to reach their goals.  And, we will facilitate and treat those that need special care or treatment for injuries, pre and post surgery or chronic pain.

Our goal is to help you move better so you will feel better and ultimately perform better in all your daily and extra-curricular activities!


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What our members say about our trainers...

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The Space

In addition to our unique approach to fitness, we have the largest and most open gym in Uxbridge. Everything is on one wide open floor with lots of space between equipment and a huge open turf area. Even better, we have large change rooms with lockers and showers.


If you have concerns about social distancing and ventilation, then Body Fit is the only fitness facility in town where you can put those concerns aside.


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Contact Info

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141 Reach St, Unit 3

Uxbridge, ON

Canada, L9P 1L3


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