Going 24/7 is a big process. We've decided to break everything up into phases to make for a smoother transition. We HIGHLY recommend you join our email list and follow us on social media so you can stay in the loop with where we're at and what you need to prepare for.

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Below you can view what's happening and when by clicking on the drop-down arrows.

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//Phase Complete


We have seriously upgraded our club management system and are integrating everything into it. This new system will now control check-in at the turnstile and the front door (when we go 24/7), all member management, billing, appointment booking and so much more. The system is called Antaris and it required all staff to be trained and up to speed before we launch it on August 1 2022.

Secondly, we had to go through a massive data conversion (almost 15 years of data!) to upload all member profiles, billing and notes to Antaris.   

Finally, we have to complete a closing audit of that data in order to go live on August 1st.

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//Current Phase



When we launch Antaris on August 1st you will still be able to check into the gym using your old membership card but unfortunately the turnstile will not open. Antaris is a web based system and the turnstile is not a web based device.


Therefore, we have had to integrate a communication system called Apod. Apod communicates with Antaris and sends  an electronic signal to open both the turnstile and the door. Apod only works with RFID devices called FOBs. 


All members will need to purchase a FOB at the front desk. This FOB will give you access to the front door during non-staffed hours and access through the turnstile during staffed hours.  


FOBs can be purchased at the front desk starting August 1st. Between August 1st and August 31st, FOBs will be on sale for $10 + HST (50% off regular cost) 


The new club management system will help us go nearly paperless when it comes to doing business on a day to day basis. It keeps digital copies of all receipts, waivers, membership and training agreements, appointments, signatures, and pretty much anything you can think of. 


It also provides us the ability to e-mail you digital copies of everything you have signed or purchased. Even better, you will have full access to everything mentioned above in your member portal anytime, anywhere on any device.

Speak with our front desk staff for login and password details. We will be releasing tutorial videos walking you through the mobile and desktop versions of the member portal during this phase. 


We have had to change insurance providers in order to go 24/7. As a result, we require everyone to sign a new waiver that includes the use of the gym during non-staffed hours. 


This means that the system will not allow you to check in on or after August 1st unless you have signed that waiver.  It's super fast and super easy. On your first check-in front desk will show you a hard copy of the waiver you'll need to sign. Once you sign the digital signature pad at the front desk, Antaris will remove the waiver restriction and a copy of the waiver will be sent to your online portal for your records. 

All members under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver as well. They will be given a hard copy to take home to their parent or guardian to sign. Once the waiver is brought back and signed by both the member, and the parent or guardian, the waiver restriction will be removed.

Please speak with our front desk staff if you have any questions.

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//Starts August  8th



We know that bringing your wallet into the gym can be a pain in the butt because you have to make sure it’s kept in a safe place. Antaris eliminates that problem. 


You’ll now be able to access a TAB system. It works like a digital gift card that you can use to make purchases and when it needs to be topped back up, you can simply re-load it using your credit card on file. No need to be chasing those loonies for bottled water or paying that extra fee when you don’t have cash for purchases under $5.00. 


Keep in mind, all transactions you make on your TAB will be visible in your member portal.


Once you are in our system and you have access to your membership portal, you’ll be able to purchase and renew your membership 24/7. 


If your membership has expired and you want to renew without having to speak to the front desk or if it’s after hours, that can be done right from your phone or desktop computer. All membership options will be available online from drop-ins (Day Passes) to annual (12 month) memberships. You can use the same FOB you've already got and you'll be able to access the gym within 20 minutes of your purchase!


New members not currently in our system will NOT be able to purchase their first membership online. This is for the safety and protection of our members. Once we have met you and you have signed up with us in person, you’ll be good to go for future online renewals.

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//Starts August 15th



All monthly dues will be processed through Antaris starting with those that pay on the 15th of the month. This is a huge step forward in automation. Although it may seem to be a club or administration feature, it’s very much a member feature too.


Automatic e-mail notifications for recurring billing memberships have been enabled in Antaris. Once a notification has been received, members can update billing sources, pay outstanding dues and settle declined payments directly from the member portal on any device without having to talk to the front desk.

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//Starts September 1st



Age restrictions come into effect - As we transition to 24/7 on September 1st, age restrictions during staffed hours will remain the same. Those aged 9-13 must have an adult aged 25 or older with them at all times in the gym and those 14 and older will be able to use the gym on their own. However, during unstaffed hours, ONLY THOSE aged 16 and older will have access to use the gym.


Security is being beefed up significantly so you’ll feel safe during unstaffed hours.  There will be at least 14 video cameras that record 24/7 throughout the gym. Some of these cameras have a digital time stamp that also integrates with the new check in system. 


Due to insurance and safety purposes, during unstaffed hours, everyone must use their own FOB at the front door FOB reader to check-in and everyone must close the door behind them. We kindly ask that you do not hold the door open for someone behind you, whether you know them or not. If you are caught sharing your FOB, using someone else's FOB or giving somebody access who hasn’t checked in with a FOB, you will be charged a $150 fine - no exceptions.


For added security we’re also installing 3 emergency phones. There will be one at the front desk and one in each changeroom. These phones will connect you directly to the 911 operator as soon as you lift up the handle to talk. 

GOING 24/7

On September 1st, 2022, we will officially stay open 24/7. This is the final step but it won't be the last you hear from us. Please follow our socials and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on future news and promotions.

"Welcome to the new era of Body Fit."

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Andy Luukkonen, Owner

That's everything you need to know for now, but there will be more to come. Stay up to date with our latest club news, announcements, promotions and more by subscribing to our email list and following us on social media.

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