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We believe that exercise should be designed around you and your individual needs. Whether you are going through a rehabilitation program or training for the olympics, your exercise will be designed specifically for you.

We design tailored exercises based on your anatomy, your current abilities, and your activity level. Our exercise programs are developed by employing our expertise in fitness, movement, and rehabilitation.


With specialized certifications that ensure you’re getting an effective workout, our trainers provide limitless motivation for everyone. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or aspiring fitness guru to be part of our programs, we have something for you.


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Private personal training

If you are looking for a more personal and in depth program, we offer tailored one on one personal training programs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you in achieving the fitness goals you've been dreaming of!

For more information and pricing, download the Personal Training Info Pack Below

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Training On Demand

Our Training On Demand program is for those who just want a tailored exercise plan packaged with a membership. We assess your needs, develop a program and then hand you the reins!  Programs are updated monthly so you are always progressing. 

For more information and pricing, download the Personal Training Info Pack Below

Discover Your Potential

Body Fit is the best choice for a Personal Trainer and fitness plans in Uxbridge and surrounding area. At Body Fit we care about our clients like we do our family. We don’t just train our clients, we strive to build genuine and long lasting relationships while completely customizing and personalizing the programs and support we offer. 

We have mastered the art of Personal Training, and have seen great success when it comes to client Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning. You can expect the team at Body Fit to teach you everything that you need to know about how to effectively use, and maximize, your body in order to create the long term changes you’re looking for.

If you are ready to talk about getting started and learning more about our prices, packages and programs, click the button below.

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