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Backwards Sled Pulls

An often overlooked muscle that contributes to overall knee function is the anterior tibialis. Located on our shins, this small muscle is primarily responsible for dorsiflexion and inversion of the ankle. You've heard the expression that the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone right? Well, if the ankle isn't moving well, it can impact the knee.

Many people suffer from knee pain, shin splints, jumpers knee, etc the list goes on and on. A backwards sled pull can help tremendously to work this muscle as well as provide your knees and quads with a low-impact exercise that increases blood flow. They do say 100 steps backwards is like 1000 forward, so why not give it a try! Anyone can perform this exercise, it is amazing for a warm-up as well as for athletes no matter the sport. You can start with just the sled and progress to adding weight.


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