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5 Strength Training Mistakes that Kill Progress..By Dale Andrew

I thought I’d share 5 training mistakes that you should avoid if you want to reach your strength training goals. Hopefully, you’re not making too many of them. 1. Inadequate warm-up. A warm-up is much more than jogging on a treadmill or raising core temperature. You should be mobilizing the joints you are about to use, and activating the core. Here is one example of a medicine ball warm-up that we use with our clients at Body Fit:

2. Poor Breathing. Learning how to breathe correctly goes beyond just breathing out on exertion. Nasal, diaphragmatic breathing will increase your stamina; reduce stress, and your body’s reliance on the parasympathetic recovery system. You will be able to work harder at the end of your sets, which is where you achieve the most benefit.

3. Testing Strength instead of Building it. Strength athletes train to peak once, maybe twice per year. Don’t go into the gym and try a one rep max every Monday. It just doesn’t work like that, you meathead, and you’re asking for injury.

4. Failure to train Eccentrics and Isometrics. Most people only focus on the concentric contraction, achieved with the lifting of the weight. They are only getting half the benefit, and are a greater risk for injury. Training the lowering of the weight, and static contractions allow you to strengthen your weakest points. Where do you think an injury is most likely to occur?

5. Program “hopping.” There are many different ways to achieve a single goal, but too often people jump from one program to another, never really sticking to one long enough to get results. Pick a program, put the effort in, and stick with it! How do you cross a minefield? Behind your COACH. For help with your training program, please contact


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