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6 Week Transformer – Melissa

Melissa 8.5X11

Wow where do I begin. Before my transformation I was in a funk. I didn’t exercise , ate all the wrong things ( way too much fast food) and clearly did not drink enough water as I’m sure most of us don’t. I decided to do this program because I needed to make a change as I didn’t want to continue down the path I was on. I was tired , overweight, hated the way I felt and looked, and hated shopping for clothes.

My transformation has opened my eyes to how much I was doing wrong and taught me that by just changing a few things like exercise, eating and water can make a HUGE difference. The trainers are awesome and I couldn’t have done it without them they were with us every step of the way !

So I’m sure you are wondering how I felt during my transformation, I’m not gonna lie, I remember somedays not even wanting to go to the gym because I was in pain, pain from never working out it was a really big change for me, this is why I decided to start taking natural kratom pain remedy that helped me during my workouts with the pain. How do I feel after my transformation?  Well I feel great. I have lots more energy, I feel better about my body and have more confidence. I see a difference and the best part is my family sees a difference.

I love what I see and am so glad I decided to take on this challenge. I am going to continue with this new adventure I’ve come to far and worked too hard to quit now. Its amazing what I have accomplished in 6 short weeks imagine what I could accomplish in say 6 months cant wait to find out !


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