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Circuit Training Defined

Circuit training is a great way to do resistance training and aerobic training in one workout.  You select a certain number of exercises, and go from one exercise to the next with little or no rest, until you’ve completed all of them.

A circuit can be set up any way — it’s fun to be creative.  You can do a full body circuit, a lower body circuit, core circuit, upper body circuit, etc.  By doing the exercises consecutively, your heart rate stays in the aerobic zone, at the same time developing lean muscle tissue.  You can also add in exercises like jump rope and step-ups.

Circuits are great for all levels, beginners up to advanced.  A circuit of 6-8 exercises is usually a good beginner level, working up to 12-15 exercises done twice for advanced.  As you can see, a circuit can last as short as 10-15 minutes and go up to 60 minutes.

Time Involved: 10-60 minutes

Body Benefit: Workout in half the time!


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