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My Top 10 Lessons for Fat Loss that will work for anyone! by C.A. Elliott


Believe it or not, it’s pretty simple. What lacks usually is motivation. But like most things in life all you really need is a plan! With a solid plan, you are more accountable and more inclined to stick to your goals. But one of the most important keys is Planning! Setting your goal and setting up the steps on how to get there is the key to long term success not just in Fitness but in life ! Hope you will find this article useful.

Below are my 10 Lessons for Success !

Lesson 1. Set a Deadline

There is power in setting a deadline. Have you ever said you are going to do something and never get around to it? You’re not alone. Have you been given a deadline to do something, say by your boss? Of course you hit the deadline because there is a time restraint. Set a date on the calendar for you to be your absolute best by.


• need to be put in writing

• have to be specific and measurable

• have to have a specific timeline

• need to be realistic

Lesson 2. What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

If you follow any motivational speakers, you have heard this many times and it is extremely true. You cannot know what direction you are heading towards if you don’t measure and track your results. This is the only sure way you can tweak your program to work for you. Whenever a client asks me what could be going wrong, I simply ask them to take out their tracker journal so we can look. 99% of times, they haven’t been measuring and the other 1% is often nutrition related. Keep a Journal and be accountable!

Workout 6 – 7 Days per week and this includes Cardio !

You can’t ONLY do Cardio and expect success. Mix up your workouts with both Cardio and Strength Training and you will see better and faster results!

Lesson 3. Replace One Habit at a Time

Habits cannot be broken, only replaced. If you start by replacing one habit per month, that will be 12 new habits you will have replaced in a year! Think of one you want to replace for January. It generally takes 22 days for a new habit to become a way of life.

Lesson 4. Tell Someone Your Weight Loss Goals

Having an accountability partner works in EVERY area of your life. You are more likely not to fail if you tell someone what you are going to achieve. You will not only be letting yourself down if you quit but also your friend. I always tell someone if I am entered into an event, race, or have a lofty goal. That way, they can help me get to my goal by being supportive !

Lesson 5. Eating Too Little Will Make You Fat

You start to waste away in your upper body and start packing on the weight in your tummy whenever you choose to skip meals and don’t eat enough.

When nutrient intake is low your metabolic rate will become low for three reasons:

• decreased thyroid function

• reduced thermic effect of eating

• reduction in muscle mass

Anyone that knows me well – knows I carry around my 6 Pack Fitness Bag every day !!

I am always prepared for what I will eat that day. And by doing this, it avoids temptation. Too many people I see on a daily basis snack on sodas, chips, bad granola bars and what they think are healthy snacks.

Try to eat 6 – 7 meals daily – every 2-3 hours. It helps to regluate your blood sugar and keeps your energy levels high. Spend your Sunday evening prepping meals and be ready for the week ahead to avoid temptation!

Lesson 6. HIIT Is The Fastest Way To Lose Fat

High-intensity training burns calories for hours after the workout, improves endurance and improves aerobic capacity. I always add in some HIIT to my week and this is the one and usually the ONLY area (in the gym) that I tweak when I want to lose fat fast. All you need is a few 20 minutes sessions and your pants size will shrink in no-time.

Lesson 7. Keep Your Heart Rate High

Learn how to use a Heart Rate Monitor and how it helps you achieve your goals! There is no sense in taking your time during your workout. There is no sense in training one muscle at one time unless you are thinking of becoming a light-weight bodybuilder. This is the key that COMPLETELY shaped my body this year. For women, this is EXTREMELY important. Your body will respond better to this type of training when you are aware of when you are ‘In your maximum training zone” !

Lesson 8. Have A Plan of Attack

Plan out your workouts BEFORE you workout. Don’t be stuck there trying to think of what exercise combos to do and then draw a blank because you think everyone is looking at you and wondering what you are doing. WALK INTO THE GYM KNOWING what body part you are going to train that day! And keep a journal. I have lots of completed books that I can go back and look at over the years to see how far I have advanced and what / how I trained & ate for a specific event.

Lesson 9. Eat Protein and Fats for Breakfast

To Avoid the crash mid-afternoon, a solid breakfast with protein is a must ! Try ground beef / chicken and eggs for breakfast. I know that sounds gross but it works and it’s actually tasty. It has been called “The Meat and Nut Breakfast”. This is all about controlling your hormones. As well as keeping your blood sugar levels regulated. Give your kids “the meat and nut breakfast” and see their marks increase.

Lesson 10. Eat Carbohydrates After Your Workout ONLY!

Carbohydrates should be used only to refuel and repair after a workout. This is the biggest contributor to staying lean all year-long. “What portion of your body is made up of carbohydrates? NONE – therefore we can only use a small amount of them before the body will store them”. Keep the carb intake low during the day if you can. Protein at every meal !

Expand your knowledge! Read exciting books like “The Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno or “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD – it will change your life and make you think twice about what you put into your mouth, also don’t  forget that if you have trouble losing weight you can get read the dr roxy reviews and get plastic surgery.

No More Muffin Top!

Apply those 10 lessons and you are on your way to your best body yet!

You can apply some of these strategies to other areas of your life as well!

“Peace, Love and Fitness” **


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