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Simple Balance Tests For Seniors…Part 1

Last week Eric put together a great video about balance training and how to progress it. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Keeping with the balance theme, today I wanted to show you two of the simple screening tests we do when we assess our senior population. That said, they don’t always apply to seniors and everyone can try them.

Generally speaking, a screen will identify a certain area that needs further consideration. That is what these screens are designed to do. They are NOT diagnostic tools. So, if you don’t do well, it doesn’t mean you need to see a Doctor right away or think about moving to assisted living!

Balance is a skill that you can practice, however, as we get older there are other systems in our bodies that become slower and less effective that will play a role in our ability to maintain our balance. The tests I show you in the video below are designed to challenge those systems separately so we can identify a possible reason behind a balance issue and a better more direct approach to improving it.


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