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Top 3 Uxbridge Fat Loss Tips

1) You MUST create a caloric deficit – ideally from your diet AND through training.  Do calories matter? You better believe that they do, but you also better believe that a calorie isn’t always a calorie where nutrient density is concerned.

2) You must do some form of muscular work intensely. Muscle is your primary fat burning tissue – if it’s not working hard – you aren’t burning hard.

3) Some form of energy system work can be a valuable addition to your program – but this is the single most over-used modality. Do too much of this and your efforts will backfire. 

If you’re having trouble losing fat, you’re screwing up at LEAST one of the three things above. 

Yes, but as an Uxbridge fitness coach, my job is to get results for you and my personal training clients in a timely fashion – not to hand out lollipops and blow sunshine up your *#%!


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