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6 Week Transformer – Doreen


I was at a wedding last night and everybody that knows me said “you look fabulous” I’d reply thank you and tell them about the transformation challenge and how I got involved.

Two years ago my son got married and as a good mom I wanted to look my best so off to the gym I went pays for 72 trainer sessions and worked hard three times a week . Yes I toned up but nothing crazy. Was still a size 16-18. I realize now it was because I didn’t do it for ME but for others. In the two years after the wedding lots of things have changed in my life , separation /divorce , moving three times ,downsizing . Then I got the email telling about the transformation challenge and how to apply I read it and decided I was applying as I was at the point where I wanted to feel better . I was excited when Andy excepted me into the program. I told my friends at work to keep me accountable they were also excited for me. Once I started the first two days I had a bit of a headache (caffeine withdrawal ) it was gone the third day. The whole program has been amazing , I met new people found new workout buddies ,for once the challenge is done and most importantly I feel great. Yes I was hard work going to the gym 5 times a week (working shift work )but so worth it I’ve learned a lot as to eating properly ,when to eat to get your metabolism back on track.the nutritional plan was easy to follow you get choices from things and though salt, butter/oil not allowed Mrs Dash is my new best friend. Three weeks into the program if never felt better people at work notices my energy increase too and haven’t felt those tiring lows after you eat carbs or sugars. I felt my clothes getting looser and people would say how much did you loose sofar I’d say to me it doesn’t matter how much I loose just feeling better physically have more energy and feel better about myself is more important. After the third week things got easier muscles not as sore(epsomsalt baths were my friend the first two weeks) I realized I had to challenge myself a bit so upped the weights ,shortened the rest periods in the routines we did on our own. At the end of week six I did my last weigh in as I was going away . I knew by then that I had gone from a size 16/18 to a size 12/14 already felt fabulous and was pleasantly surprised at my results ( and a week early to boot) since then I’ve gone on my trip and bought some things and now am the proud owner of a size 10 jeans and some size 12 ‘s I don’t think I’ve ever been that size since my kids. I will continue my journey of getting in shape and healthy and stay fit as who doesn’t want to feel good . Physically and mentally . My friends keep telling how proud they are of my determination I tell them it was not that hard once you start feeling better you don’t want that feeling to go away it’s a good feeling I can recommend this program 100% if I  a 53 year old can do it  You Can Too.


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