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6 Week Transformer – Jackie

Jackie R 8.5X11

What?!  No coffee or tea for SIX weeks?  Are you kidding me?!!  I think that was everyone’s first reaction to the news in our information session – I believe there may have even been a tear shed!

Week 1 went well, the workouts were relatively easy and I started to feel a little more energy.  Although I think Meghan & Christina were just taking it easy on us as we were all suffering from a major sugar/caffeine detox!  In weeks 2&3 they weren’t so sympathetic and introduce the heavier weights, kettle bells, planks. It was hard work but it felt good to get the old body moving again.  By this time the dietary changes were well underway and some of us were starting to notice a difference in our bodies.  At the end of week 3 we were allowed a mid-way weigh in, and I was surprised to learn that I was down not only 10lbs but also 10lbs of fat!  I started out slow and was a little depressed to be honest as I felt the weight wasn’t budging, but Andy told me to stop looking at the scale and to STTFP and it would all be good – and he was right!

Weeks 4&5 were killer for me, my body was very tired trying to get ready for Christmas and all that entails as well as being a wife/mother and working full time plus trying to fit in 5 days at the gym were all draining on me.  I also hurt my knee and was quite disappointed with this as I thought it would affect my overall outcome as I wasn’t able to do some of the movements others were – squats, jumping, burpees (I don’t miss them though lol), but Meghan/Christina/Eric were all great at ensuring I was able to get just as good of a workout as the others, they gave me a Knee Force brace which really helped me out so I pushed and persevered and by week 6, I felt great!  More energy, happier, excited that my body is slimming down and all in the right places!  The last week’s workouts were killer, but that’s what we needed, that final push to success and we all worked hard, and I even think our sweat sweated!

Our final weigh in is tomorrow and I am excited and nervous to see my proof of success on the scale, but in a way I don’t really even need to know the number as for me, I have changed my life, nutritionally, physically and mentally and have achieved a great start to my overall goal of losing 50lbs.

Body Fit has been a tremendous wealth of knowledge, support and inspiration.  I have tried for years to achieve what I have achieved in just six short weeks.  I will continue to use what I have learned, will continue to push my body and will continue to be the best that I can be.  Thanks Body Fit!


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