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6 Week Transformer – Wanda

Wanda 8.5X11

I’m unbelievably thrilled with the results from this program. Yesterday I weighed in at 17.8 pounds lighter, 13.6 pounds of fat gone!!

But I will not pretend this has been easy. Over the past several years I have gained and lost 10 pounds at least four times. I consider myself a fairly active person, but with injuries and a busy life, my eating got out of hand and then so did my weight. Getting heavier, I found my body started to hurt more, I didn’t have enough energy for everything I wanted to do, and I felt really unwell.

Finally this past fall I actually popped a button on my favourite pair of pants, and I knew I had to change something drastically. I don’t mind buying new clothes, but not because I got too fat for my old ones!!

So for the past six weeks I have followed the Body Fit diet to the calorie.

It meant skipping the Montreal bagels on a trip to that city, it meant skipping the usual wine and champagne at a huge family celebration at the Royal York Hotel, and it meant NOT DRINKING COFFEE for six weeks!

It meant finding an hour a day, five times a week to visit the gym. It meant rubbery arms and burning abs. It meant really weird facial expressions as I tried to lift on the Smith machine. It meant long, (painful) moments of relief on the foam rollers.

It meant showing up, supporting the other transformers in my group and letting them support me.

It meant building new friendships and feeling more optimistic and confident about… just about everything!

Slowly but surely, it meant my clothes started fitting again. And then they started to get baggy. Slowly but surely, it meant I could lift more weight and last longer on the plank.

And then, it meant looking forward to time at the gym, the guidance of the wonderful trainers, and looking forward to seeing the dramatic changes in the appearance, confidence and strength of my fellow transformers.

And finally, it means that I might just dare sign up for a really long race this fall, and I might just dare to believe that I can finish it strong, happy, and injury-free.

I plan to continue on a modified eating plan for the next little while as I continue to work with the trainers and build strength.

When I think back to the lethargy, frustration, and general malaise I felt six weeks ago, I am grateful that Body Fit offers this program. If anyone asks me if it’s worth it, I answer YES. Go for it – don’t worry about the goal Body Fit sets for you, although it’s always good to challenge yourself. Sign up for this program because you deserve it. It’s way more than just looking good and fitting into your favourite pants – it’s about being the strongest, happiest and confident person you can be.

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