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7 Week Transformer – Averie


Signing up for this challenge was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was time for me to give up the excuses and get into shape. As I expected, it was no walk in the park. There were good days and bad days – initially more bad days but they seemed to pave way for the good ones. The nutritional plan was particularly tough to get used to. I wasn’t sure that I would make it past the first week but I did and felt better with each passing day. The training sessions and weekly circuits were not only gruelling and exhausting but they were somehow totally fun too. There was a real sense of comradery throughout the 7 weeks, not just at the gym but outside as well. We all supported and pushed each other and I believe that it helped bring out the best in each of us. This challenge has really given me the knowledge that I needed and the confidence and belief in myself that I was previously lacking. I am thrilled with the results I have seen in just 7 short weeks. Andy and his team at Body Fit Health Club have designed an incredible plan and it is so well implemented. I am proof that when you follow it, the results will come! This is just the beginning of my journey and I am looking forward to continuing my new healthy lifestyle.


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