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7 Week Transformer – Hailey


Before I started the challenge, I was using food as my comfort. It was my thing that I did when I was bored, sad, and happy. It didn’t matter what emotion I was feeling, I just ate. I’ve been big ever since I can remember and I had tried many times to lose the weight so when I first heard about the 7 week transformation challenge, I knew it would be a good thing me.

The challenge allowed to think of food in a different way, not as something I wanted but as something I needed. Near the end of the program, there were times I knew I was supposed to be eating more but I knew my body was full. That was something I had never really noticed before. I used to just eat and not take in to consideration of whether I was hungry or not. The program changed my perspective on food which I hope to take into future endeavors.

The workouts kicked my butt, but I began to find that if I didn’t work out during the day, I would be grumpy and tired (which makes me wonder if I was always grumpy before I started the challenge). I want to thank Christina for never letting me quit during the workouts, especially with those damn pull-ins! Each time we worked out, I found myself getting stronger and more fit, on my way to a happier and healthier me. I also want to thank my group members for the support during the challenge and complaining with me when things got difficult.


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