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7 Week Transformer – Lisa


I started the 7 week challenge with the goal of losing the last 15lbs of baby weight. I gained 70lbs with my last baby and it has taken me a year to lose 55lbs. I had lost some motivation and thought this challenge would help and it did! I may not have lost 15lbs of fat but I know that I am down to my pre-pregnancy size as I am fitting into clothes I have not worn for almost 2 yrs !! And for me that is worth it. I am thankful to both my trainers Christina and Eric. They were very encouraging and helpful the whole way through. At first I found the challenge to be easy but as we went on it actually got more difficult. I really missed my favorite foods and eating out! But I did learn to cook in a different way and found some new favorite recipes that I will continue to use as I work towards keeping the weight off and hopefully losing a bit more. I am looking forward to using the information I have learned the last few weeks to keep myself on the path to health and fitness. Thank you for the challenge!!


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