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Carol’s Progress Over The Past Year…

I have been working out sporadically for about twenty five years, and it was my husband who’s responsible for getting me started. He encouraged me to add fitness to my swimming routine. The swimming is wonderful exercise, but doesn’t build muscle and as we age, the muscle mass decreases so you really have to make sure you work at building muscle. I hope to be able to live independently for a while yet so I want to make sure I stay strong.

I have had some back issues in the past, probably due to a lack of efficient muscle care, these problems, I think are now solved.

I have not been diligent in the past years about the exercise part of life, so when I moved to Uxbridge last August I wanted to get back into a routine. Happily a membership at Body Fit (here’s more –, and training with Dale, has produced the results. I look upon this as my life insurance policy.

I have certainly gained muscle strength and tone. There is no way I could have done a plank when I started! I feel much stronger, and I have a great deal more confidence in my abilities.

If I had any advice to give I would say “Go for it”. In the time I have been here I haven’t seen anyone who looked unhappy, so it is a nice place to be.

Carol Wilson, age 80, Mother of 3


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