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Dave Shares His Great Achievements!

Working hard at Body Fit! Look at those pipes!

What got you started at Body Fit? I had what was referred to by my doctor as a high blood pressure incident about a year ago. Also, I decided that I wanted to travel more in my retirement. Losing weight and getting in shape would help me in both these areas.

What are your results so far? I started at about 340lbs, and I am now about 250. I am much stronger and my flexibility has improved immensely. I sleep better and my general well being is much improved.

Best of Buds! Dave Houlding and Lisa Edwards (featured in our last testimonial) take a quick minute out of their workouts to smile for the camera!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting an exercise program? I started my program with working with a trainer (Dale), and he got me off on the right foot. This is the second time I have undertaken a workout program in the last 3 years. The first time I pushed too hard too fast. Now

I have a much more gradual approach to training. I advance in “baby steps”. I add weight and repetitions gradually. Finally, I established the habit of going to  Body Fit on certain days at certain times. Once I had established the habit, it became a part of my life.

Dave Houlding,  Age 62,  Business Owner/Retired


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