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Debbie – 7 Week Transformer

7 Week_Debbie

As the New Year was upon us I knew it was time to make a change to feeling healthier and losing those few extra pounds.   Then I saw the e mail about the 7 week Transformation Challenge and thought here is the kick start I need to a healthy new me.

Well its 7 weeks later, and it was certainly no walk in the park, but with the support of a fabulous trainer and the others on the team I am now a new healthier me.   The food was difficult to adjust to at first, but after the first few days the body adjusts and it’s just food, I kept telling myself– we eat to live not live to eat.

The workouts were difficult for me as I am not 25 anymore. I embarked on this adventure with a broken bone in my foot and after a few months on crutches was not in great physical shape.   Christina was so good to modify the exercises so that I would not do any more damage but still got the benefit of the workout.

My blood pressure was very high at the first weigh in. I had a doctor’s appointment at week 6 and the blood pressure was normal. What a gift I have given myself to achieve this.   The experience overall has been a very positive one, I have enjoyed my time at the gym, there is so much support and encouragement from the first people at the desk when you walk in, to all the staff and especially the other transformers all working towards a common goal.

Thank you to Christina, Theresa, Sam, Drew and Lauren, couldn’t have done this without you. Now that I have found what the secret is I will continue to be the best I can be.

Debbie Harrison


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