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Don – 7 Week Transformer

7 Week_Don

I have never been much of a gym person.  Physical activity has always been something that happened to other people. The birth of my first child a little over a year ago inspired me to make a change, however.  When I heard about the program at Body Fit I decided I would give it a try.  I have never been one for quick solutions and have never bought in to fad diets.  Body Fit’s 7 week challenge sounded like something I could get into and the results from previous rounds spoke for themselves.

The first few days of the program were not easy.  I cut out coffee and alcohol completely and drastically changed my diet.  While I was enthusiastic about starting the program, I found the water consumption particularly challenging and by the end of each day I had headaches that just wouldn’t quite.  I remember thinking, “I can’t take much more of this!” But I could, and after three days or so the headaches cleared up and I found myself full of energy.

What was most surprising to me was how much I enjoyed the work-out portion of the challenge.  The small group work outs were fun as we all banded together to help the time pass enjoyably.  Our trainer was superb, quickly identifying our strengths and challenges and working with each of us to help get us the most effective workout possible.  She also took plenty of time to help explain the individual work outs to us so we felt comfortable coming back on our own for the other days of the program.

The program itself was excellent.  Very little thing was completely spelled out, so there were no questions or worries.  Whenever I needed support the whole team was available through Facebook.  My workout group was especially helpful when I got stuck or faced stress in my everyday life.  I think this support is what surprised me the most.  I remember my first few days on my own in the gym having random strangers encourage me, help me with an exercise, or support me through a difficulty.  Not only where the staff and trainers on board with the program, it seemed all of the other people at the gym wanted to see us succeed.  It also amazed me how well I felt I fit in at Body Fit; never having been in a gym before I was worried that I would stick out.  Over the course of seven weeks I never once felt out of place, no matter what exercise I was doing, or what machine I needed to use.

In truth, I cannot believe how quickly the program passed by.  The first few weeks may have passed slowly, but after the mid-point weigh-in the time has gone by like a flash.  New workouts every week or two kept the process interesting and helped to keep me motivated.  The series of extra challenges were also fun to try and made it clear how easy it was to work physical fitness into my everyday routine.

On a whim I decided to give this program a try.  Seven weeks later I am in better shape that I have been since university, I have lost over 30 lbs, and I have more energy to play with my daughter.  I am so grateful to the team at Body Fit for everything they did to contribute to my success.


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