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In the First Nine Months I Lost 14 Pounds and Dropped a Full Pant Size!

“It was 20 years ago when I made the decision to quit smoking for the first time. 7 years and 50 extra pounds later, I was bigger than ever and was smoking again. 13 more years of smoking and a deteriorating self confidence on December 26, 2007 I decided that was it. I put the cigarettes away. Knowing that weight gain was my biggest fear, I choose exercise. In January 2008 I joined the local health club.

This was a big step. Something new. I wanted make sure I was doing it right and didn’t hurt myself, so I enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer. My exercise routine was created just for me. It boosted my self confidence and I began to notice the changes.

I felt great! My clothes fit better and I could see the weight coming off. In the first nine months I lost 14 pounds and dropped a full pant size. The benefits of regular exercise and not smoking have been life changing. The social aspect has also been very motivating. I have met new friends and look forward to every visit.

If I could offer any advise to someone who is thinking about getting started in an exercise program it would be to hire a Personal Trainer. They will show you how to use the equipment correctly to get the greatest benefit from the exercises.

It’s been more than a year now since I made the life changing decision to quit smoking and start exercising. The weight continues to come off, and I have never looked back. Regular exercise has become a part of my life and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Heather Fischer, 50, Officer Manager


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