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Jeff – 6 Week Transformer

Hi gang, I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to the entire team at Body Fit for guiding me through this challenge. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s my story: This year I turned 40. It wasn’t a secret, and it wasn’t a mid-life-crisis panic experience, but it’s still a pretty big milestone. My version of hitting 40 included a stressful full-time job, 3 wonderful/busy kids, and an amazing wife (whose efforts don’t get recognized enough). After a summer of pretty good physical activity, and passable eating habits, I fell into a FUNK. This funk consisted of extra stress at work, extra stress at home, a very busy schedule, and poor eating and drinking habits. When you add those things up, it leads to bad sleeping patterns, elevated blood pressure, and a negative attitude. I needed to hit the RESET button, but I didn’t know exactly what it would take. Luckily, Andy reached out and provided a solution: The Christmas Crunch Challenge. Now listen, this was no walk-in-the-park. This was a serious proposal, and I had to buckle down and take it seriously. However, the way it was presented (and the fact that Body Fit stood behind the program with a money-back guarantee) convinced me that it was the right program for me. This was going to challenge my body, my habits, and my mind. This challenge was what I needed. The first week was a little awkward, and the diet was a challenge to get used to. After a few days, this particular challenge revealed what it’s all about: will power, belief in yourself, and determination. Without those elements, it would be impossible. During weeks 2 and 3, we got into a groove. My body was feeling better than it had in months, and my mind was clearer. Hard work, great coaching, and the STTFP rule was starting to produce results. Weeks 4, 5 and 6 were about “the grind”. We worked harder in the group sessions; we lifted more, and ran further. The diet continued to be tough, but with a bit of creativity, it got tastier. And results? YES, there were plenty of results. My wife, my kids, friends and co-workers all had compliments and inquiries about my transformation. My confidence grew, my attitude was positive, and the program was working.

A couple thoughts on working out using your own plan vs. working with the Body Fit trainers:

  1. Yes, running is good…..but a specific interval plan, with heart rate targets, is better.

  2. Yes, lifting is good…..but specific super-set circuits are better (especially with a team that giggles).

  3. Yes, biking/elliptical is good……but rocking out for an hour with a punishing-yet-kind trainer is better.

A major bonus of the challenge was the support and camaraderie of the team. I can’t say enough about the ladies in my group, and I’m positive that we achieved more as a team than we would have if we were going solo. Now that the challenge is ending, I’m very happy with my results, and I’m thrilled that I got to meet and work with this dedicated team of people. “Team” is an important concept for this type of challenge, as the support and hard work of the “team” is what drives you to finish strong. Thank you Body Fit! Jeff Cowling


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