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Jodi – 7 Week Transformer

7 Week_Jodi

After the Christmas Holidays, I knew it was time to kick my ‘healthy lifestyle’ back into action.  I have always been active and have tried to maintain healthy eating habits.  However, sometimes the chaos of everyday life simply gets in the way.  I no longer seemed to have time in my schedule for exercise and all healthy eating was being pushed aside for quick & convenient.

And then I discovered ‘The 7 Week Transformer Plan’ @ Body Fit.  At first I was reluctant,…it really did seem too good to be true.  However, after reading some of the testimonials and learning more about the plan, I signed up.

And so began the 7 weeks…….

I was fortunate to be grouped with 4 other amazing ladies and to have Christina as a coach.  I quickly began to look forward to our group sessions and was amazed at how quickly the hour flew by.  No more watching the clock counting down the minutes.   Every session was different,…never giving you the opportunity to get ‘bored’.

And then there was the nutrition plan.  This was the piece that I was most nervous about.  However, much to my surprise, I found I was eating MORE that I normally ate in a given day.  The plan taught me correct portion sizes, the proper combination of foods and simply ‘when’ to eat ‘what’.  I was amazed to see that small changes in your diet and choice of foods could make a huge impact.

Although I have not reached my goal, this experience has definitely positively impacted the quality of my life.  I have gained muscle and lost inches.  And the biggest win,…I feel better about myself.

A special thank-you to Christina and my entire Transformer team for all of the support.  I would never have got there without you!



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