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Judy Marshall – Truly Inspiring!

Name: Judy Marshall

Age: 67

Married with two grown children and 4 grandchildren

Q: How long have you been exercising on a regular basis?

A: Almost 2 years.

Q: What got you started?

A: Two things; 3 very active grandsons and borderline health risks. I want to be able to play with the kids and not just sit around and watch them. My blood pressure was rising and the risk of diabetes was increasing. My doctor suggested I start walking but I decided to join the gym.

Q: What are your results?

A: Beyond my expectations! My 20+lb weight loss has resulted in increased energy and determination to keep going. I could not do one push up when I started – NOT ONE! Now I do 60 each day!! I love the sense of accomplishment.

Q: What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting started in an exercise program?

A: Work with a trainer! The worst this is investing time and hard work and NOT getting the results you expected. A trainer will put you on a program suited to your needs and ability and you WILL get results. You will be guided to do the exercises properly for optimum results and instructed on the safe use of the equipment. A friend may know what works for them but a trainer knows what will work for you.

Judy is a member at Body Fit and has achieved those great results from working with her trainer Eric. Way to go Judy!!


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